Top 10 Reasons to Shop with an App

With the free Curbside app, you can order ahead and when you arrive at the store, we’ll meet you out front with your order. That means you can skip out on some of the more frustrating aspects of shopping. Here are our top shopping headaches that you’ll never have to deal with again with Curbside.

Download the free Curbside app for an easier way to shop.

10) Unloading the Kids


Getting everyone out of the car and sticking together to traverse the perilous parking lot can feel like a game of frogger.

9) In-Store Scavenger Hunt


What aisle was the light bulbs on again? I could have swore the peanut butter was right here last time.

8) Squeaky Wheels


At least everyone can hear you coming and get out of your way.

7) Unbalanced Carts


Why do they always pull to the left?

6) Germs


Who knows what might be lurking on the handles of the shopping baskets.

5) Aisle Obstacle Course


Put your agility to the test by making your way through the parked shopping carts and wrong way shoppers.

4) Temptation


Your shopping list is soon forgotten as the rows of junk food call your name.

3) Meltdowns


Sometimes shopping can be overwhelming for both you and the kids.

2) Long Lines


This one is especially painful if you have the gift of choosing the slowest line every time.

1) Parking Lot Prowling


No more battling it out for the last remaining space or getting stuck behind someone waiting for a spot to open up.

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