Take the Hassle Out of Shopping

Tiffany, blogger and mother of five, recently gave Curbside a try and wrote about her pickup experience on her blog, The Crunchy Mom Next Door.

With a nursing three month old at home, shopping trips were a challenge for Tiffany. Getting out of the house without the kids was difficult and taking them in the store even more so.

“I see your memes about spending hours and hours in Target just to take a break from the kids and the ones about coming home with a bunch of things you don’t need. Well, I hate shopping. I don’t get out much without my kids and when I do, I don’t want to do something is basically an errand. No thanks!…Curbside is the stuff of my dreams, where all errands are done in passing and there’s more time for the fun activities in life!”

Read the full Curbside review at The Crunchy Mom Next Door.

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