Simplify Your Next Target Run


“On a Sunday I didn’t feel like going anywhere and I had already visited Target 3 times that week. So I decided to go on the app. I added about 15 items that I needed for my son’s school. Within an hour, I got an email and text message telling me my order was ready for pick up.

It took less than 2 minutes. It was so short I didn’t even have time to record the process. I made a second order to make sure it wasn’t just luck the first time, but service was equally amazing and equally quick. So, I know we moms love our Target trip, BUT I also know we always forget something. This is a super awesome option, just shop, pick up and done. None of that taking out the kids to pick up stuff.” – Gemarla, The Mommy Elf

Sound familiar? Let Curbside give you a hand on your next shopping trip! You can read The Mommy Elf’s full Curbside review here.

Still haven’t tried Curbside? Get the free mobile app now to start ordering ahead, with with no fees or product markups. Shopping has never been easier!

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