Share Curbside and Earn Credit

Did you hear?  You can shower your friends with $10 Curbside credits.  For each friend you invite who makes their first Curbside purchase you get a $10 Curbside credit as well!

Here’s how it works

1. Send your promo code to friends using Facebook, Twitter, email or text. You can find your promo code and share it on the Share with Friends menu item.


2. When your friends try Curbside the first time. they enter your promo code and get $10 off an order of $20+. They can enter your code at the checkout page, or on the Claim Promotion menu item.

3. When they pickup their order it unlocks a $10 credit for you. We’ll text you to let you know and it’ll automatically be applied to your next order. Voilà, instant Karma!

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