Get the Sleep You Deserve

According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults 26 to 64 need between 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. And just like a good diet and exercise, sleep is equally important to good health. The many negative effects of sleep deprivation should be enough to make you reconsider your sleeping habits.

Here are a few tips to getting a good night’s sleep, so you can be the best busy parent possible during the hours you’re awake.

Prepare a sleep schedule

Take an average of the amount of times you get woken up at night and factor that loss of time into your sleep schedule.

Sleep when your kids sleep

If your baby is taking a nap, put everything aside and join him/her. Avoid the temptation to use this time to catch up on chores or TV.

Maximize your sleep on the weekends

Alternate days between you and your partner where you can each sleep in one weekend morning.

Don’t take on added responsibilities

We do a lot of little things for other people that add up to a lot of time. It’s ok to put your personal well-being ahead of pleasing others.

Say Yes to Help

Your friends and family are offering help because they care – take it. Apps like Curbside can save you time and hassle by letting you order ahead at stores for pickup without getting out of your car.

Relax before bed

Buffer 30 additional minutes into your sleep schedule for some rest and relaxation. Find a ritual – whether it’s reading or having a cup of tea – that can help you unwind.

Between a pile of dishes and some extra sleep, the easy choice is to do what’s in front of you. But is it worth it? Sleep deprivation not only puts your health at risk, it also keeps you from being as alert and attentive as you would be rested.

Now get some shuteye!

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